Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Whiptail Biking Co. - Final Design Campaign

My group created a company called Whiptail Biking Co. for this design project. I developed the website for our company using Wix and by following the style guide.

My final draft of the website is now published at this link:

This is my final design of the landing page.

I made sure to keep consistent with the fonts we chose, Museo Sans for all main headings, and Expressive Inks for subheadings. I think that Museo Sans conveys the clean, straightforward design that we desired for all of our media, while Expressive Inks conveys the fun, adventurous side of the company we want to also shine through. 

I applied Rutledge's "quiet structure" in this design by keeping the header focused and organized, and providing the audience with a clear path to information. There is also a high level of affordance, or intuitiveness in this design.  

The color for the header and the button is Pantone 7705 U. 

I made sure that the company name and tagline, when clicked, intuitively redirects to the homepage. The rest of the header links are linked to the other three artifacts, as well as Facebook and Twitter buttons. 

There is continuity throughout the landing page, not only in the colors, fonts, and themes, but also the flow and direction. The eye begins at the logo and tagline in the top left corner, then goes to the main logo and button in the center of the screen, only to be led down further to more information when the button is pressed. When the "Let's Go" button is pressed, intuitively, the page slides down to a "Who We Are" section that explains the company while keeping continuity of fonts and colors. 

Each page features a similar button, guiding you to the next artifact.

Followed by the about section, is a booking widget. Although I initially wanted to remove it, Wix didn't allow me to without deleting the entire page. However, I actually like the way it looks and the element it adds to the landing page. I chose a design that implemented the Gestalt Law of Proximity. 

At the bottom of the landing page is a contact form including social media links. 

There is a dividing strip above the bookings section, colored Pantone 4535 U, which ties into the color of the contact form.

Wix would only allow me to add colors in Hex code, so the style guide lists the Pantone colors in other formats, including Hex. 

Very first stage; decided on "Gear up and go" tagline, as well as the "Tours | Guides | Gear" part of the logo.  Still looking for photos. 

Changed tagline to "Grab your gear and go!" Looking for an appropriate photo that's big enough to be good quality. Header links coming together. 

Tentative background photo. Still waiting on logo to fill corner space.

Logo and style guide finished. Style guide colors are applied to header and button so they match. The secondary logo (just the wheel) was going to go in the top left corner, but Wix didn't allow images on the header. Instead, company name was added. 

 Almost to final draft; Header was changed to add social links. Text color on header was changed to orange when clicked, rather than light blue, to comply with the style guide. 

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